Select and Academy Soccer


This FAQ is intended to be a brief introduction to Academy and Select soccer for parents and players who are unfamiliar with it.  

1.   What is Select Soccer?

Select Soccer is more competitive than Recreational soccer. The training and coaching are carried out by licensed, professional soccer coaches, as opposed to volunteers. Compared to Recreational soccer, Select soccer requires a greater time and financial commitment from the parents and players and mainly involves games in and around the metro Atlanta area.  Periodically, away games and tournaments can be in other parts of Georgia with some teams attending out of state tournaments.  

 2.   What age groups does Select Soccer apply to?

 Select is split into two age groupings: 

  • Academy is from U9 to U12,.
  • Athena (Girls) and Classic (Boys) is from U13 to U19.
  • Academy game scores are not recorded, whereas Athena and Classic teams play for points and are involved in divisional play with promotion and relegation opportunities.  

3.   Are the genders split?

 Yes. The teams are split into boys and girls teams.  

4.   How do I know which age group my son/daughter is in?

Athena | Classic | Academy - 2022-2023

Age Group Birth Year
8 and Under      2015
and Under      2014
10 and Under      2013
11 and Under     2012
12 and Under     2011
13 and Under     2010
14 and Under     2009
15 and Under     2008
16 and Under     2007
17 and Under     2006
18 and Under     2005
19 and Under     2004


 5.  Is Select soccer different from Recreational?

Yes. Expectations for the players in Select soccer are much higher. There will be two 1 ½ hour practices per week, with one or two games per weekend. Higher-level teams may practice up to three times per week. In Recreational soccer, players are placed on a team on a first come first served basis, regardless of ability level. Select players are selected through tryouts and ability.  

6.   When are Try-Outs?

Tryouts take place in late May each year.  We do have openings in a couple of age groups. If you are interested in setting up a late tryout, please email  

7.   How long is the commitment for?

Players are registered through Georgia Soccer to play for their club for one year. The soccer year is split into two seasons; The Fall season, which runs from August to late November/early December and the Spring season which runs from February to May. If a player leaves their team partway through the calendar year, the full fee must still be paid before a release is given. The expectation is that soccer is the player’s primary sport and the commitment is for the full year.  Teams in the U15-U19 age groups are Fall Only Seasons per GA Soccer at this time to allow players to play at their high school.  Many of our U15-U19 teams will come back together after the high school season for a few weeks to train and participate in a Spring tournament. 

8.   How many teams are there in each age group?

It varies between age groups, but usually, there will be between one to three teams per gender age group.  

9.   What are the team levels in an age group?

This varies by the team and the players that are committed.  Our coaches will make a determination based on the roster and games with other clubs will be set within that level. 

10.   Apart from regular-season games, will the players go to tournaments?

Yes. Teams are required to do at least one pre-season and one post-season tournament each season. So with two seasons, this means a minimum of four tournaments per calendar year. Some higher-level teams attend more than four tournaments. Tournament fees are not included in players' fees. Each player must pay their portion of the tournament fee, even if the family chooses not to participate. 

12.   What is the financial cost of being on an Academy/Select team for a year?

  • Each Player will be responsible for
    • their registration fees: (This fee covers field usage, insurance, practices, professional coaches and referees, during the regular season as well as a mandatory team camp)
      • Registration fees can be broken down into a monthly payment plan
        • U9-U14 Boys and Girls $1200/year
        • U15-U19 Boys and Girls $595/year
    • tournament fees
      • varies based on tournament and location
        • typically 50-75/player plus travel expenses
        • this fee is collected by the Team Manager 2-3 weeks prior to each tournament. 
    • Uniform cost
      • kits are updated every two years.  Cost of the kit is approximately $155
      • This fee is paid to an outside vendor and must be paid as a single fee when ordering the uniform. 

If the player lives outside of  Snellville or Gwinnett County,  there are no Out Of County Fees.     


13.   How much playing time will my son/daughter get?

The guideline is at least the equivalent of half of the game for players in U9-U12,  there is not a requirement for players in the U15 and older age group. Playing time will be affected by performance, ability, effort, and commitment, both at practice and in games. This is a coaching staff decision.  

15.   Are players expected to attend every practice and every game?

Yes. If a player cannot make a practice or a game, the coach must be notified with as much advance notice as possible. Whilst it is expected that a player will be at each practice and game, it is accepted that sickness and special occasions may mean a player misses an occasional practice or game.  

16.   Are there written codes of conduct for players and parents?

Yes. AIFC Snellville has written codes of conduct for players and parents that must be signed each year.
17.    Can anyone find out information about our child and their team?

Child safety is a paramount concern to All In Futbol Club at Snellville. With that in mind, our policy prohibits staff members from communicating specific information about a child or team to any individual not listed in the child’s registration information.  We appreciate your understanding.

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