We Need Referees!

We Need Referees!




We, along with our friends at our partner clubs, are experiencing large referee shortages. As you know, this is a necessity to operate a league and a club. 


Consequently,  we are reaching out in need of YOUR help! 



Are you asking yourself:  WHY SHOULD I BECOME A REFEREE...? 

Well, we have answers for you.


  • Get Paid! Earn good money to participate in a sport you love.  Pay averages around $20/game and most refs book 4-6 games per day.  That could really add up!
  • Have a Flexible Schedule. Provide your own availability to assignors to work around your busy schedule.  Weekend hours keep you free to concentrate on school or your "day job" and your own team during the week.
  • To Challenge Yourself. Becoming a referee is a rewarding process full of challenges and opportunities to advance to a higher level and higher-paying games.
  • Develop Life Skills.  Learn discipline, leadership, organization, communication, professionalism, and confidence, in addition to building a strong work ethic.
  • Help Keep Our Sport Going! Think of the disappointment you have felt hearing a game has been canceled.  Without more refs, we will have to prepare a lot more players to feel that a lot more often.  It could even happen to you...


So where do you sign up?  Here are the details!


New referee candidates must be 13 years of age or older at the time of registration.

The Grassroots New Referee course consists of an online course and a 5-hour new referee field training class.  





For additional information, registration, and a list of the other current approved

Grassroots 1st Time referee courses please use the link below.


For more information about becoming a referee, use the link above or contact USSF Certified Assignor/Instructor, Danny Clement, at dclem0508@gmail.com 





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